1. The application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and should be submitted with the completed Application Form and other documents.
  2. International students must pay the tuition fee as per Fee Schedule in order to receive a Letter of Acceptance to apply for or renew their visa.
  3. If payment is made by Wire Transfer, please fax/email the Remittance Form copy from the bank to Dewey College for confirmation of the payment.
  4. When an international student is granted a Study Visa from the Canadian Immigration Authority, and has decided NOT to attend Dewey College, NO refund of the fees will be granted.
  5. When an international student’s visa application is refused by the Canadian Immigration Authority, Deduction of administrative fee will be decided based on charges that might have incurred for processing.
  6. In order to be eligible for the refund, the student must send the following original documents to the Admissions Office:
    • A letter requesting the refund signed by the student, along with the receiver’s banking information if the refund is requested by Wire Transfer.
    • The Visa Rejection Letter issued by the Canadian Immigration Authority.
    • All the original documents including receipts and the Letter of Acceptance issued by Dewey College
  7. If a student withdraws from Dewey College or is expelled as a result of a disciplinary action, unused fees will NOT be refunded.
  8. Academic Support Program fee includes option of 80 hours of tutoring for credits courses or English Language proficiency program.
  9. After School Program fee includes extra-curricular activities and field trips.
  10. Cultural Exploration Program fee includes school trips to International and domestic destinations.
  11. Residence fees are charged by the school year. If a student withdraws from Dewey College at any point during the school year, unused residence fees will NOT be refunded.
  12. The deposit will be refunded in full only if there is no damage to the residence or school facilities. If the deposit is not sufficient to pay the damage, the student will be required to pay the additional amount.
  13. Local students must pay the tuition fee and other fees (if applicable) in full before the first week of the term. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, certified cheque, or bank draft. There will be a CAD$60 charge for any returned cheques, and the subsequent school fees will be accepted in cash only.
  14. The medical insurance plan entitles the student to be covered in North America during the insurance validity period. The medical insurance fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  15. All fees are non-transferable under any conditions.

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