Besides many leading Canadian universities, Dewey College has an international network of partnerships in many parts of the world such as China, Vietnam, Iran, Malaysia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Middle-east, Europe and South America.

“2 + 1” Dual High School Diploma Program

Dewey College offers a “2+1” joint program to sister high school students whose goal is to study at a Canadian university. The program requires students to study 2 years at their high school and then 1 year at Dewey College. In this way, they will obtain a Dual Diploma from their home high school and an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) at Dewey College. With the OSSD, students can be admitted directly into Canadian universities.

Green Pathway Program

Dewey College offers English enrichment classes at our sister schools for students who plan to study in Canada. Once they complete their English courses, students are qualified to enter Dewey College to study pre-university courses before being accepted into Canadian Universities.

“2 + 1 + 2 Dual university Degree” Program

Dewey College and its partner Canadian Universities offer a “2+1+2 of Dual Degree” program to university students. According to the joint program, after studying for two years at their home university, the student has the option to study University English Preparation courses (UEP), University Academic Preparation courses (UAP) and a diploma program at Dewey College. Canadian Universities will accept the credits from the overseas university. After successfully completing all the required credits in Canada, the student will receive a Bachelor’s Degree from both universities.

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