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  1. What is MCAT?
    Medical College Admission Test

  2. How long is the MCAT course?
    It is a (4) Four month Intensive coaching program to score top marks on the test.

  3. How will this help me in admission?
    Medical schools in USA and Canada use MCAT scores for admission

  4. Does Medical admission need MCAT?
    Yes, Medical schools in USA and Canada, Use MCAT scores for processing admission.

  5. How does this school help me with MCAT?
    The school helps by coaching you to master the skills of problem solving, critical thinking, knowledge of natural behavior, social science concepts and principles.

  6. How does this school help me with admission into Medical school of Interest?
    The school can help by guiding you through the application process

  7. If I am rejected are there alternative schools?
    Yes, there are alternative courses to continue in your career


MCAT Exam Syllabus: General Test Pattern | 2020 – 2021

General Test Pattern for MCAT

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a 7 and a half hour long standardized test that not only tests your critical thinking skills and understanding of scientific concepts but also tests your mental stamina. It is a computer-based test used as a prerequisite for admission into professional health schools in US, Canada, Australia etc.

The test has 4 sections in total, 3 of which test your scientific understanding, and 1 tests your critical thinking and reasoning. The 3 science-based sections cover a gamut of subjects: physics, biology, chemistry, sociology, and psychology. These sections hover around the “bigger picture” around the sciences, and specifically incorporate the idea of applying interdisciplinary knowledge to mimic real-world scenarios. The critical reasoning section is akin to the verbal section of other major competitive exams: you’ll be given a passage and the questions require you to analyze the given information and critically examine the presented arguments.

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